Ann specialises in creating a brow shape unique to each client, to define and enhance your natural beauty. Offering some different styles and techniques to help you choose the best tattoo eyebrows that you dream for. Suiting your facial  features and your personal preference:


Also known by a variety of names such as embroidery, microstroking, HD brows, 3D brows,  hair stroke…  This the latest hair simulation technique for beautiful natural -looking eyebrows. By using either specialist digital machine method or a hand tool called a micro blade.  Each hair stroke is applied individually, mimicking your own eyebrow hair to creating a feather effect. This procedure is for men as well as women, and clients with alopecia.

This semi-permanent, will  last 1-2 years depending on colour choice, skin type, skin regimen, sun exposure, environmental and after care precautions.

Best results require two sessions. The initial appointment includes consultation and initial application, the second appointment is 4-6 weeks to touch up and ensure longevity of the colors used.


The powder fill method involves the application of thousands of tiny little dots of pigment inserted into the skin, gradually building up color and a defined shape. The pigment is lighter at the start of the brow, and gradually gets darker on the tail.It gives a similar  ombre makeup affect, to thickening the brow using powder or brow pencil. The finished results will heal  softly and appear naturally powdered and the pigment usually lasts longer. This technique may be best for oily skin.


This is a combination of microblade or feather touch brow and the powder shading techniques, to create a beautiful 3D look with a more natural ,defined, fuller and ombre looking brow.

These two methods can be combined in different ways:

Hair strokes can be used from the start of the eyebrow and gradually gets darker on the tail by using powder techniques.

Hair stokes are apply the whole eyebrow and a lighter colour can be added in between the strokes.

hair strokes are applied to the whole eyebrow and powder  technique is used to shade gradually lighter from the bottom of the brow to the top of the eyebrow.


The block or Solid eyebrow tattoo method is the original technique, if you prefer a very defined and more complete fuller looking brow and is the longest lasting, of all the eyebrow tattoo techniques.
Please know there is are many design approaches, which are unique to each person’s desired outcome. Your consultation includes a design, color, and technique recommendation.